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Optical Glasses and its Uses – glasses online

The optical glass is especially designated to be used in the optical glass product such as telescopes, binoculars, eyeglasses and much more. But the glasses are too much hard to produce, because it needs some special care so as to ensure that there are no impurities in glasses and also the glasses must be produced in the good conditions. If you are looking for fine quality glasses online, there are varies range of optical glasses.
The quality optical glasses are very expensive to use; in one hand, the work is very hard and in the other all works have to be done by hand. Both causes work together to increase the prices of the glasses too much.
Humans have been using optical glasses since early 17th century and at that time the glass were used as primitive lenses of simple microscope and in corrective vision apparatus. But the glass workers at that time started refining technology to create lenses from the glasses. Although the quality of the glasses at that time was very poor with respect to the modern product, it was then proved that the world of glass had a lot of scopes. People understood that the refining technology could produce better lenses and optics. Optical glasses online are also nowadays available.
Now I write some of the important points describing the procedure of making optical glasses.
At first, it is mandatory to use the components of the glass properly. If there is a little mistake to add the right amount of component, the whole process will be undone. So, workers have to be diligent to their work and must be very careful.
• The next thing that plays a crucial role is temperature. If there is an improper temperature in the process of making glasses, it cannot output the same result what you want. The temperature is a vital thing to produce optical lenses, because difference in temperature affects the lens power.
• The last important thing is proper cutting of the lens, because correct vision, taking quality photographs, scanning cosmos to look at the **** depend on the cutting of the glasses. If you want to buy optical glasses online, conduct a thorough research on the same.

One day at a Bus Station- a Heart Touching Experience

I had to move out to my native place to attend a funeral. In the absence of my vehicle, train, plane or other means, I had to take a bus. The message board flashed news that my scheduled bus would be available in 45 Minutes. Wait became inevitable.

Well! I decided to study the people moving around.  Believe me, it was wonderful.  There were people of all ages and from both genders and wearing on them possibly all known expressions.  Everyone was either moving into or out of the bus terminus in search of or for having reached the desired destination.  But, my attention got centered on a mother and daughter.  An aged mother had come to see her pretty aged daughter off.  Tears ware either oozing out or were about to ooze out. They were clasping each other’s hands and the mother often smothering the daughter’s cheeks, forehead or back.   Nothing could console them.   The board indicated that the journey was a short one and I felt the two could be meeting often.  In spite of this, the separation was unbearable to both. The scene was touching and the two together personified the hidden truth for love and bondage.


A Memorable trip to Mysore Zoo

My visit to Mysore, the princely state of Karnataka, India is worth a recollection.  Apart from grand wonders, my visit to the Mysore Zoo is worth a memory for life.

This renowned Zoo was built by the then king of Mysore, Chamarajendra Wodeyar in 1892.  Spread over 250 acres, it is located in the heart of the city.  The Zoo had received the facelift from the German Horticulturist & landscapist, Mr. G.H. Krumbeigal and houses various animals imported from various countries.

Apart from a collection of some of the most wonderful animals, the Zoo is naturally vegetated with the rarest of trees, plants and herbs.  The Zoo possesses the following animals, some of which are not available anywhere else. Well maintained common Marmoset, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Huge African elephants, Giraffes, Chimpanzees, Jaguar, Mithun, Indian porcupine, Lions, the Hippos, Bulls and Zebras are a treat to watch.  Crocodiles, Black and starred turtles, the boas & snakes in the reptile category was amazing.  The birds section had birds bred within and migrated birds that included Emu, Carolina Wood Duck, Flamingo, Peafowl, Rheas, Australian White Dove and countless others.

Great work Zoos – Your fight against extinction is laudable.  Keep up the noble work.



Believe in the supernatural – A power really exists!

This is an incident that happened in our own family some years ago and whenever I see my youngest brother the incident resurfaces and tells me that definitely a super power exists and governs the nature and influences all our lives.  Can we just imagine life if GOD would not have finely orchestrated the activities of nature.  For instance, is life possible without the sun, air, water, food etc or life if there is an abundant outflow of the natural sources?

My youngest brother is a civil engineer.  Once he had to hurry for his work and when he was zooming at a solid 90 KMS/hour speed, he had a head on crash with another vehicle.    He was profusely bleeding, face not distinguishable and body mutilated.  Hell broke out for us and no one could just control our emotions. He was dear to all of us. The thought of the suffering he could be undergoing added fuel to our own emotions.  The Doctors unilaterally did not give us any hope at all.  All of us prayed not from our mouths but from the depth of our hearts and minds.  Yes! HE heard us and in the next couple of months, my brother was back again from where he had taken an intermission.



Are Daily Deals Email Dead?

Yes, we have been hearing about the troubles of daily deal emails and how they will soon be out of vogue for years. We keep hearing news about their faulty business models and improper stock valuations but are daily deals really dead? If you are a regular email user like I, you know that the numbers of daily deal emails haven’t dwindled despite paranoid claims about their end.

According to latest research, these deals are far from dead. In 2011, 88 million US adults availed a daily deal coupon. Research also offers some interesting insights for all daily deals mail senders. Despite the popularity of Yahoo as US’ most commonly used ISP, international daily deal subscribers prefer the use of hotmail. Moreover, some words work better than others. As an example, consider using the word ‘bowling’ rather than ‘game’ for better turnover. Another secret tip is to avoid the use of the word ‘deal’ in your email. It is a real put off for prospective clients.

In today’s competitive environment, companies and individuals who adapt to the changing environment are able to profit from daily deals. Groupon and other deals and vouchers sites are here to stay! Whether you make the most of them or not, is up to you. A good way to make use of them is to use a daily deals and competitions aggregator which gives you all the deals in one place.

The first day at college – A laughing experience

Some firsts are always wonderful and stay etched in our hearts forever. The first day in college still ranks as the funniest best happening so far.  We got into our classrooms and the first period belonged to the English lecturer.  “Dear students, I am Austin Henry and shall be taking English classes for you.  A warm welcome to you and introduce yourselves one by one please” he said.  The students spelt out his/her name and the school they came from.  The boy next to me got up and told, “ Sir, my name is  S.R. Joseph and I come…..” and even before he could say any further our lecturer intervened, ‘my friend, repeat your name please’.  The boy sincerely replied, ‘S.R. Joseph’.  The lecturer looked bemused and asked again, ‘why on earth are you using sir, sir so often.  Without using sir, just tell me your name’. (Lecturer had mistaken the initials ‘S.R’ as yes sir).  Our friend said, ‘S.R. Joseph sir’.   But on seeing the lecturer still perplexed, the boy told, ‘Mr. Lecturer, my name is Joseph and my initials are S(s for south) and R(r for red)’.  Not only the lecturer but the whole class instantaneously burst into laughter, excluding of course, Mr. S.R. Joseph. I got some useful tips from this blog: http://www.universitylanguage.com/blog/14/first-day-of-college/